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Upcycled bottles, that are cut and hand painted, then decorated with lovely beads. Handmade item

Each bottle is cut and hand sanded, for a safe product. We hand painted each bottle with a unique personalized design For a more polished look we add a handcrafted memory wire SunCatcher that accents the hand painted theme. A bell and a metal ring are placed with-in the bottle to create a lovely sound in the wind. It hangs from a sturdy jack chain and can twirl freely in the wind by the swivel attached to the hook.

Large Wind chime measures approximately 20” including chain and ring for hanging.



Handmade item

Materials: wine or liquor bottle, paint, wire (Made with Beadalon Stainless Steel Wire for Strength and Durability.), crystal prism, glass beads, crystal beads, seed beads, metal jump rings., metal O-ring, jack chain, lanyard hook, liberty bell

* *I Guarantee All My Pieces 100% For Materials & Workmanship. * *

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