My craft business Baubles-Bottles-N-Beads a home decor upcycle craft store consists of the repurposing bottles and other recycled items.which started as just a gift idea.  Every year I love Xmas because I get to try a new craft I have seen on YouTube or on Pinterest, and make it into Xmas gifts. My family loves it because they get something new every year. This last year I did glass bottle candle holder that hung from the ceiling. Everyone raved about them and told me I had to make more. Well that developed into glass wind-chimes. Before this occurred, I had been making sun-catchers for my mother and her friends. My mom, who is bored because she just retired and has now become my partner in this little adventure, and I decided to merge the two items together. We got enough stock made that we took the plunge and applied to do a show in Victoria Texas, the Picker Patch., it went well and this is how our business Baubles, Bottles N Beads was started.  Our items have changed over this last year between coasters to wind chimes to metal art and painted cow skulls art, But the stress of going from lapidary to metal-smith to woodworker then to jeweler maker, was a little too over whelming so we have narrowed down our products and sale pretty much glass bottle wind-chime, seed starter, beaded sun-catchers and fan pulls.  Occasionally If I get a cow skull finished I will add it to the mix. I also sale the jewelry I have alongside of the craft items.

My future in this business is still up in the air. I have great hopes and I keep a positive attitude that I will make it and hopefully make some money along the way. I know I have made great friends so far and my family and I are closer than ever, which makes me blessed. I do have a website but I have not opened my store front yet. I have started it and hopefully have it completed by the end of this month

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon